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International Business Studies - English

BTEC Extended Diploma in Business + MBO International Trade, Wholesale Trade and Junior Account Manager
With the Diploma in International Business Studies you can work for international companies performing a variety of tasks from import/export activities to organizing events, logistics, marketing and sales activities and customer service. For example, you have been asked to ship three containers from Rotterdam to Singapore. You organize the paperwork, negotiate the price and draw up the offer and contract. You organize the complete task.

  • Course information

    As an institution in touch with today's business world, the Business Department at Zadkine in Rotterdam keeps pace with developments in the European market. Students who complete this three-year course receive two awards: the Dutch MBO 4 Diploma of International/ Wholesale Trade and the British 'BTEC Extended Diploma in Business’.

    Mbo International business studies
    • Course information

      International Business Studies (IBS)

      A Diploma in International Business Studies gives you a good entry point into international companies. This programme is designed to help you develop effective business skills. A business-like approach is of paramount importance.

      Mbo International business studies

      The course trains you to work with international clients. We teach you how to give a presentation, conduct a sales pitch and how to negotiate with clients and suppliers. There is a balance between learning theory and putting that into practice – you work not only on practical assignments but also participate in realistic role-play situations.

      The programme
      International business studies is a bi-lingual course. This means an equal amount of subjects are taught in Dutch as well as in English. Most of your business subjects will be taught in English.

      The IBS programme consists of 18 BTEC National Units and a series of modules required for the Dutch Diploma. All of these units embrace an aspect of economics or business. Some of these units are:
      • Creative Product Promotion
        You learn how an advertising campaign works and how you can create a campaign.
      • Starting a Small Business
        During the 2nd and 3rd year, you participate in a National Mini Enterprise, a project in which, together with several classmates, you set up your own business and trade in one or more items for a period of 9 months. Examples of your work during this period are writing a business plan and importing products from abroad. After this period the business is discontinued and the shareholders receive their dividend. A project like this develops your entrepreneurial skills in a very realistic manner, in fact like nothing else, and you are motivated to think and act like business people.
      • Human Resource Management & Recruitment
        You learn about various aspects of staff policy and its importance for an organisation. You also learn how to conduct an interview as well as participate in one.
      Other units that you study are:
      • Exploring Business Activity
      • Investigating Business Resources
      • Introduction to Accounting
      • Understanding Retailing
      • Marketing Research
      • Introduction to Marketing
      In addition to these units you also receive lessons in Dutch, Numeracy, English and a second foreign language (German or Spanish).

      Within International business studies you have the choice of 3 profiles. During your first year you will chose which profile you want to go for:
      1. Assistant Manager International Trade (plus a compulsary extra language);
      2. Junior Account Manager (marketing focussed);
      3. Wholesale manager (Vestigingsmanager - wholesale, logistics focussed).
      Part of your course will consist of a choice of additional subjects. These subjects are there to broaden or deepen your education or help you to proceed to HBO. Possible choices could be:
      • Preparing for HBO
      • Internationalisation
      • Entrepeneurship

      Besides the previously mentioned subjects and units, it is possible to choose 3 electives to personalise your course to your own wishes. These electives are aimed at either a better preparation for HBO or offer you additional competences in your future working environment. You have a choice from the following electives:

      • Second foreign language (Spanish or German)
      • Innovations within business
      • E-commerce
      • Internationalisation (working abroad)
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Progress into hbo
      • English b2 level

      Students who graduate with two awards have advantages over others: they will be a valuable asset for companies in Holland, the United Kingdom or in most other English speaking countries. Graduates may also progress to higher-level courses at HBO here in Holland. Students are also eligible to enroll in undergraduate courses in England, for example, an undergraduate degree in Applied Science at a British university.

      With both options, students who have achieved a Merit level diploma or higher are eligible for a fast-track programme whereby they can complete a 3-year course in 2 years.

      Of course students can also set up their own business anywhere in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

      At Zadkine you will find highly qualified teachers. They are either native English speakers or they are proficient in English. Most of them have practical business experience and are well trained in their field of expertise.

      Work Placement
      In the first year you do an 8 week formative work placement in the Netherlands. For the second year in The Netherlands, you do a 12 week work placement which is also the qualifying period for the practical parts of your Dutch Diploma. In the third year you carry out your work placement abroad for a maximum period of 20 weeks. Placements are available in England, Spain, France, Italy and other countries.

      Graduation requirement
      For the graduation assignment that occupies most of your final year, you will participate in the Small Enterprise Project and write a business plan to be carried out during this project. You will take part in several public events during which you will represent your business and product(s). These events include a Company Launch and a National Market Day organised under supervision of Jong Ondernemen.

      Business relations
      Naturally our school keeps in close contact with businesses in the region. Some companies sponsor our programme, others provide us with opportunities to carry out assignments at their location. During special theme days, companies will provide guest lectures as well as the opportunity to visit them.

    • Enrolment fees

      Requirements & Enrolment fees
      • For this course you will need your own laptop with Wifi capability.
      • Additionally students are expected to have representative clothing for business activities and events within or outside the college.
      • Because of British examination fees and other extras in this programme, there will be an additional charge for the 1st year of €475, for the 2nd year, €475 and for the 3rd year, €475. The cost of books is excluded (the cost of UK textbooks is also excluded)
      • For the work placement period abroad students will be eligible for Erasmus+ funding to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

      Read more about school costs.

    • Entry requirements

      You have the right for entry to this programme as per the following conditions:

      • You have up until 1 may to apply. If you apply for entry after 1 April, you may not be able to start in the course of your choice.
      • You have a certificate for the right preparation course. Look for more information in the ‘general preparatory course guide’.
      • You participate in the compulsory intake activities. You will be invited for this intake as soon as your application has been received.

      Additional requirements
      For entry to this programme, the following conditions are also mandatory:

      • A minimum of 7 for English (mixed pathway and theoretical pathway)
      • A minimum of 7 for economics or mathematics

      This programme is linked to the following courses: Assistant Manager International Trade (25133), Junior Account Manager (23064) and Wholesale Manager (25137). If you do not fulfil the above requirements, you can enrol for the Dutch programme.

      Trial study day
      Attendance at one of the trial study days is a mandatory requirement of the enrolment process. Trial study days are organised from December onwards on a monthly basis. You can apply for one of these days via www.zadkine.nl/meeloopdagen. During the trial study day you will participate in several practical sessions where you will receive an assignment to take home and complete. This is part of your enrolment assessment which you must bring to the interview.

      In addition to (the) legal requirements, we only recommend you to sign up for this programme if you are sure you can comply with the following requirements:

      • For havo school entrants: written proof of successful completion of school year 3, with sufficient grades for Dutch, English and economics or mathematics.
  • Locations

    Bij Zadkine voel je je snel thuis! Wij hebben verschillende locaties in Rotterdam en omstreken. Onze locaties zijn goed bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer en hebben moderne faciliteiten. Op het kaartje hieronder zie je op welke locatie(s) je voor deze opleiding terecht kunt. Nieuwsgierig? Kom kijken op een van onze Open dagen of geef je op voor een meeloopdag.

    Benthemplein 15
    Benthemplein 15, 3032 CC, Rotterdam (51.9283894,4.4766976)
    • Benthemplein 15

      Benthemplein 15
      3032 CC Rotterdam
      T (088) 945 24 80

      De locatie voor opleidingen in de richtingen Horeca, Brood & Banket, Facilitaire dienstverlening, Handel, Events, Financieel, Mode en Uiterlijke verzorging.
      download locatiegids

      Je vindt er opleidingen van Zadkine Beauty & Fashion College, Brood- & Banket College, Business College, Dienstverlening & Facility College, Gezondheid, Welzijn & Sport College, Horeca College en Travel & Leisure Colllege.

  • Cooperation

    Stages bij bedrijven vormen een belangrijk onderdeel van je opleiding. Je leert in de praktijk de fijne kneepjes van het vak. Zadkine werkt intensief samen met bedrijven in de regio Rotterdam-Rijnmond. Zo weten we wat er speelt op de arbeidsmarkt en welke vaardigheden belangrijk zijn voor bedrijven.  Samen met deze bedrijven bereiden wij jou zo goed mogelijk voor op de succesvolle toekomst.

  • What next after International Business Studies?

    With your diploma you can go to work at international companies in Holland or abroad. The international trade sector in the Rotterdam region regularly emphasises its interest in students trained in the English language. There is an overall need for students with a solid vocational training and an international view of business.

    When you complete your IBS, there are several possibilities for further study. At HBO you can enrol in a 3-year undergraduate programme for IBMS (International Business Management Studies), Small Business or International Business & Languages (first two years combined).
    If you graduate with at least 'Merit' level, you are also eligible for entry into a 2yr BA in Business in the UK and Scotland.

    The BTEC National Diploma also grants access to universities in other English speaking countries.

    Personal attributes
    With this type of education, it is necessary that you have the following personal characteristics:
    • Independence
    • Good communication skills
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Interest in international business
    • Perseverance
    • Representative
  • Contact

    You are invited to come and have a look at Zadkine. Taste the atmosphere during our Open Days.

    We invite you to experience what the lessons are like during the course. Apply for one of our pilot study days.

    Stel je vraag ...

  • Kennismaken met...


    ‘Ondernemen leer je door te doen.’

    Mbo International business studiesOf de tweetalige opleiding International business studies hem een beetje bevalt? Volop, zegt Angelo Kooijman (18) zonder enige twijfel. Vooral het internationale karakter spreekt hem aan.

    In mavo 3 op het Walburg College deed Angelo mee met het project ‘Jonge Mavo Ondernemers’. Een jaar lang runde hij zijn eigen horlogezaak, waarbij hij kennismaakte met alle aspecten van het zakenleven. “Geweldig vond ik het. Echt een kick!”

    Toen hij na de mavo op zoek ging naar een geschikte vervolgstudie, stuitte hij al snel op de mbo 4-opleiding International business studies bij Zadkine. “Wat mij vooral aansprak, waren drie dingen: dat een deel van de opleiding Engelstalig is, de mooie (buitenland)stages, maar vooral de kans om ook hier een mini-onderneming te starten.”

    De eerste twee stages, beide bij IKEA, heeft Angelo inmiddels achter de rug. Tijdens de laatste werd hem gevraagd nieuw leven te blazen in een slecht verkopende textielreiniger. Geen gemakkelijke taak, maar het lukte. Voor zijn derde stage hoopt Angelo dat succes te herhalen. Alleen dan dit keer bij een bedrijf op het zonovergoten Malta. Ook zal hij in zijn examenjaar weer een eigen bedrijfje opstarten. “Spannend, want zo krijg je het vak pas écht goed onder de knie.”

    Eenmaal afgestudeerd wil hij een vervolgstudie starten in het buitenland. “Dat kan vrij gemakkelijk, omdat je eigenlijk twee opleidingen tegelijk doet en dus ook twee diploma’s krijgt.” Weer daarna hoopt de jonge ondernemer aan de slag te gaan in de sales bij een groot concern. Maar ook het onderwijs lonkt: “het lijkt me super tof om mijn kennis en ervaring door te geven aan nieuwe generaties.”
bol - mbo niveau 4
  • Start:augustus 2020
  • Crebonummer:25137
  • Duur:3 jaar

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