Jubileumjaar - Vakschool Schoonhoven 125 jaar!

Wij vieren feest! Vier je met ons mee?

Het schooljaar 2019 – 2020 is voor Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven een dubbel jubileumjaar. In het najaar van 2019 bestaat onze opleiding Uurwerktechniek 100 jaar en in 2020 viert Vakschool Schoonhoven haar 125-jarig bestaan! Reden te meer voor een feestje!

Hieronder vind je informatie over onze programma onderdelen en manieren van sponsoring. Vier je met ons mee?

  • 100 jaar Uurwerktechniek

    5 november - 13 december 2019

    Dit najaar: 100 jaar opleiding Uurwerktechniek! Dit jubileum wordt gevierd met een tentoonstelling van honderd – één voor elk jaar – horloges en de presentatie van het bijbehorend boek. De tentoonstelling en het boek verbeelden de ontwikkeling van de reguliere horloges die op de werkbanken van horlogemakers – veelal oud-studenten van Vakschool Schoonhoven - terecht kwamen en nog komen. De tentoonstelling – opgesteld in school is op werkdagen te zien van 5 november tot 13 december 2019 (tussen 10:00 - 16:30). Inloop is vrij.

    Het jubileumboek '100 jaartallen en hun horloges’ heeft een gelimiteerde oplage, kost €24,95 en is vanaf 5 november verkrijgbaar bij Vakschool Schoonhoven of via


  • Officiële opening Jubileumjaar

    14 januari 2020

    Op dinsdag 14 januari 2020 is de officiële opening van ons Jubileumjaar. Het belooft een prachtige dag te worden met bekende gasten, een rondleiding door school waarin studenten hun visie op de toekomst van het ambacht verbeelden en een feestelijke lunch.

  • Tentoonstellingen

    Hier volgt binnenkort een overzicht van de geplande tentoonstellingen....
  • FEEG Symposium

    In the light of the 125th anniversary of Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven, the school will be hosting the 22nd Symposium of the Federation for European Education in Gemmology (FEEG) in its home town Schoonhoven. The symposium will be held during the weekend of January 25-26, 2020.

    The event is part of the celebrations that will be conducted throughout the year 2020 to honour the Netherlands’ only institute that educates in becoming a gold- or silversmith, jeweller or watchmaker.

    Schoonhoven is famous for the many generations of renowned silversmiths during the town’s long history and is therefore also often called the Silver City!

    To enhance the festivities during the 2020 FEEG Symposium, we have engaged the the Dutch Gemmological Guild (Gemmologisch Gilde Nederland - GGN) which will be marking its own 25th anniversary on Sunday evening with a festive reception / networking party.

    We have invited as many as possible gem and jewellery professionals working in the trade, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

    To encourage local attendance of the 2020 FEEG Symposium, we have secured the cooperation of several local associations, among others the above mentioned GGN, as well as Gemma, another national gemmological body, and the Dutch Lapidary Club (Nederlandse Lapidaristen Club - NLC).

    Of course, the School’s current student body will also be given the opportunity to take part in the festivities. The students will be offered a special edition of the Symposium’s workshops that has been formatted exclusively for them. In addition, we have invited the alumni of Vakschool Schoonhoven.  

    The Symposium is seeking sponsorships from the national and international gem and jewellery trade, to enhance the event’s visibility and publicity, as well as to finance its visual recording and to assure that all the workshops and lectures will be available for the public. If you wish to contribute to this, please contact Ya’akov Almor at


    Find herewith the fully detailed program in text below or as pdf attached:

    22th Symposium of the Federation of European Education in Gemmology (FEEG)

    Location: De Vakschool Schoonhoven
    Mr. Kesperstraat 10
    2871 GS Schoonhoven
    Tel: +31 88 945 2888

    Friday the 24th of January 2020:

    13.00                          Examination Committee  - Location:    Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven

    19.00                          Buffet dinner on cruise ship Nickovision, moored at the Veerpont, on the river De Lek.

    Saturday, the 25th of January 2020:

    9.00 - 9.45               Arrival and registration of participants

    9.45 - 10.10             Welcome address by Mrs. Karin Voskamp,  Director of Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven and Mr. Guy Lalous, President of FEEG.

    10.10 - 10.50          “Fundamentals of Precious Corals” by Rui de Galopim de Carvalho FGA DGA, vice-president of the coral commission of CIBJO (the World Jewellery Confederation).

    10.50 - 11.10            Coffee break

    11.10 - 11.50           “History of Corundum Treatment”   by Dr. Lore Kiefert, Chief Gemmologist of the Gübelin Gem  Lab, member of the LMHC.

    11.50 – 12.30          “An update on the heat treatment of rubies and sapphires” by Tom Stephan, scientific assistant at the German Gemmological Association (DGemG).

    12.30 – 12.45          “The use of commercial names and their effect on the gemtrade” by Menahem Sevdermish FGA D.Litt., an internationally recognized authority on gem commercialization and gemstone processing, and by Guy Borenstein FGA EGG, VP Gemological Services and Chief Academic Officer for Gemewizard.

    12.45 - 14.30           Lunch

    14.30 - 15.10           “Geochemistry of sapphires” by Dr. Hanco Zwaan PhD FGA, head of the Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory (NEL), president of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) Gemmological Commission.

    15.10 – 15.50          “Questions, questions, questions: the state of the diamond industry, or the diamond industry in a state?” by Drs. Ya’akov Almor, Gemstone industry consultant, editor and writer.

    15.50                       Coffee break

    17.00– 18.00             Diploma ceremony at the cruise ship    Nickovision situated by the Veerpont at the river Lek.

                                      Speaking to the graduates are:


      -Richard Drucker GIA GG, president of Gemworld International, inc.

    -Ilaria Adamo, Chairman of the Examination Committee;

       -Guy Lalous, president of the FEEG

    18.00 -                      Cocktail reception

    19.00 -                      Dinner party on the cruise ship (optional).

    ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Alternative program on Saturday (for accompanying guests):

    10.30 – 12.30            Workshop “Making your own Silver Jewellery” with goldsmith instructor and teacher Mr. Erik v.d. Werf

    14.30 – 16.30            Workshop “Making your own Silver Jewellery” with goldsmith instructor and teacher Mr. Erik v.d. Werf

    A tour through the city of Schoonhoven and its Silver- and Goldsmiths, followed by a visit to the Silver museum. (optional)

    On School grounds there will also be various exhibitions:

    • Booths with gemstones;
    • Booths run by goldsmith students selling their own work;
    • Book and information stands;
    • A special display of natural pearls by Vakschool Schoonhoven alumnus Daniël Moesker.

    Sunday, the 26th of January 2020:

    9.00 – 9.50                 Arrival of participants

    9.50 – 10.00               Welcome address by Mrs.Karin Voskamp, Director of Zadkine Vakschool Schoonhoven

    10.00 – 10.40             “Empty inclusions in gems. What could they be?” by Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, professor of physics at the university of Nantes, responsible for the DUG (Diplôme d’Université de Gemmologie) diploma.

    10.40 – 11.30            “A history of jewellery from Queen Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor” by John Benjamin FGA DGA FIRV, independent Jewellery Historian, Lecturer and Valuer, known as   specialist on BBC Television’s ever popular Antiques Roadshow.

    11.30 – 12.30            Lunch

    12.30 – 14.30            Workshops

    14.30 – 14.45            Coffee break

    14.45 – 16.45            Workshops

    16.45 – 18.00            Networking party by the Gemmologisch Gilde Nederland (GGN)

    19.00 -                      Dinner (optional)

    Dear GGN member/EG, if you are interested we can offer you a discount of 10 euros for both the Saturday and Sunday of the Symposium. With our discount code you will pay 65 euros per day instead of the regular 75 euros. We supply this discount code herewith, trusting you that you will only use it when you’re entitled to use it. Also, when entering the Symposium, tickets will be checked at the door. If meanwhile you already bought your tickets without discount, please send a note to:

    Please use the following discount code for the Symposium on Saturday the 25th of Jan Conference & Lunch, ONLY WHEN YOU ARE  GGN OR EG: 25JANFEEGVS10

    Please use the following discount code for the Symposium on Sunday the 26th of Jan Conference & Lunch, ONLY WHEN YOU ARE  GGN / EG / DELEGATE: 26JANFEEGVS10


    Workshops: (overlapping / simultaneous sessions). 

    Please indicate your preference for the following workshops by giving your top three on this link. Please be aware that we will do our outmost to put you in the workshops of your preference, however we can not guarantee we are able to do so.

    1.          -Gemword International, Richard Drucker:

    “Coloured Gem Grading and Pricing Workshop”

    -GGN, Wouter Abbestee: Appraising Gemstone Jewellery”

    2.         -Gem Color Academy, Menahem Sevdermish and Guy Borenstein: 

        “Colored Stone grading/ Color Diamonds grading”

     -Sole Leone, Leone Langeslag:

    “Hands on identifying Red, White and Blue gemstones with Special Attention to the Testing of Diamonds

    3.        -Visual Optics, Alan Hodgkinson: “Visual Optics”

    4.       -Vakschool Courses & Training, George Hamel: “diamond Grading”

    -Vakschool C&T, Monique Konst-Kurstjens: “Pearl Stringing”

    -A special “Coral Workshop” by Rui Galopim de Carvalho ((limited number of participants).

    5.        -Vakschool Courses & Training, Goldsmith Femke Toele EG   of FemCollections: “Making your Own Silver Jewellery”

    -NLC Den Haag, Ornella Schavemaker-Piva: ""Designing and Shaping Your Own Gemstone Ring"

    ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 

    Hotel accomodation is organised on the brand new cruiship Nickovision with 110 rooms on board.

    The ship has a modern look and has numerous facilities to make the journey even more pleasant, like three different restaurants. It has an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The upper and middle decks have luxurious suites with French balconies and a wide view. 

    The Cruiseship Nickovision will be there from Friday 12:00h till Sunday 12:00h.

    Boarding is from 12:00 on Friday.

    Check out is at 12:00 on Sunday, the ship has to leave then.

    Costs are as follows:

    -99 euros per night for a cabine with single use - breakfast included.

    -170 euros per night (85 euros p.p.) for a cabine with double use - breakfast included.


  • Projectweek

    Maart 2020

    Vakschool Schoonhoven is gedurende een week lang één grote, open creatieve werkplaats. Studenten zijn in de lead bij de activiteiten. Verschillende vakrichtingen smelten samen en versterken elkaar, studenten werken gezamenlijk aan het ambacht!


  • Hammerclub treffen

    28 mei t/m 1 juni 2020

    Ruim 100 zilversmeden uit  Europa en ver daarbuiten komen jaarlijks samen in een Europese stad. In 2020 voor het eerst in Schoonhoven. Op het programma staan: Lezingen, workshops en tentoonstellingen. Diverse zilversmeden presenteren zich voor het eerst op de Nationale Zilverdag op 1 juni 2020.


  • Reünie

    4 juli 2020

    Uiteraard mag er bij een dergelijk jubileum een reünie niet ontbreken. Momenteel wordt er druk gewerkt aan een invulling voor deze reünie maar dit kan vast in de agenda genoteerd worden: 4 juli 2020 grootse reünie Vakschool Schoonhoven met foodtruck.


  • Sponsoring


    Draagt u Vakschool Schoonhoven en het Jubileumjaar ook een warm hart toe en heeft u de mogelijkheid ons Jubileumjaar te sponsoren? Dat is helemaal geweldig! Bekijk hier onderstaand onze 'leaflet sponsoring' op welke manieren u dat kunt doen.

    Voor vragen hierover kunt u contact opnemen met Karin Voskamp, directeur Vakschool Schoonhoven via

    • Leaflet sponsoring

      Jubileumjaar Vakschool Schoonhoven

      Klik op het plaatje voor het leaflet.

    • Deze sponsoren gingen u voor - Hartelijk bedankt!









      Zilversmid Harry Brookhuis


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